At the train station

For my work, I have to transit for an hour every day to a big city. When I am tired after a long working day, my concentration decreases and that makes it more difficult for me to find my way. Therefore I am always happy when people help me. Above all when I am late and want to catch my train. On one of those days, a man offered to guide me on my way to the station, and I accepted with thanks. 

Kasja : a bus stop downtown

Four young men approach me, they smell of alcohol. One starts to rub against my back and blows at my neck. I’m one metre forty, he’s much taller. The rest laugh. No one at the bus stop reacts.

I move away, turn around and get my footing, legs astride, as if my feet sprung root. I look at him straight in the eye and say firmly, “Ain’t you getting too close?” The guy apologizes and leaves, apparently shocked. His friends follow.