At the train station

For my work, I have to transit for an hour every day to a big city. When I am tired after a long working day, my concentration decreases and that makes it more difficult for me to find my way. Therefore I am always happy when people help me. Above all when I am late and want to catch my train. On one of those days, a man offered to guide me on my way to the station, and I accepted with thanks. 

What irritated me was that he immediately linked our arms. Normally people touch my arm and I explain to them that for me it is better when they bend their arm and I touch their elbow or link our arms and let them guide me. At first I ignored that strange feeling. The man was very friendly and seemed helpful. On our way we discussed a current political scandal at the town hall. We arrived very fast at the train station, according to my memory, and then he started patting my hand and interrogating me if I had a friend or was married. For me, the situation became really disgusting and I have to admit that I was very frightened. Then I remembered our self-defence class and that it was important to act and make noise. I gathered my courage and yelled : « This man is molesting me! The man beside me harasses me. » Again and again, many times. First I felt uncomfortable, but after the second or third time, I realised that I felt prouder and braver. The men let me go very quickly and I was surprised. As I cannot see, I don’t know where he went. Several people came and offered their help. In any case, I catched the train that day, and even if I had trembling knees afterwards, I felt great because I managed to fight for myself and my dignity.