Sandra: “I don’t want to!”

I was in my room. Sometimes Julian comes over. He also lives here. We get along well. We listen to music together. One time Julian came and said that he liked me. And I said that I liked him, too. And he said, ok, I am your boyfriend now. And I wasn’t sure. He said, when you are boyfriend and girlfriend, then you kiss. I didn’t want to kiss, but I thought that maybe, it was ok. And then Julian said that we had to take off our clothes. He had seen that in a film. But I didn’t want to take off my clothes and I pushed him hard two times so that he went away. And then I left my room. I didn’t know what to do and so I looked for Angelika. That is one of our caregivers. I didn’t know what to say. I was afraid that I had done something wrong. I cried. Angelika asked me what happened. And I said: “Julian said he is my boyfriend and kissed me and… I don’t want to!” Angelika said that I’ve done everything right and that I am brave. That was good! The caregivers then had a talk with Julian. First I wanted him to move to another group. But he still lives here. He does not have the right to enter my room! We still listen to music together, in the kitchen.