Wanted: success stories!

Are you a woman with disabilities and have you experienced violence? Are you proud of your way handling that kind of situation? Have you ever participated in a feminist self-defence training? We want to hear it all!
Women with disabilities may be confronted more often with discrimination and violence than the general population, but they are not helpless. In reality, they have found a myriad of ways to resist violence, get help and protect themselves. These experiences and resources remain invisible, reinforcing the idea that women with disabilities are passive victims who need to be saved.
We want to change this perception, and we need your help. Send us your success stories by mail or video, tell us what makes you feel safe, strong and free. We will post all success stories on the project website, either under your first name or a pseudonym you choose. Some of the stories will also be used to illustrate the safety guides. Inspire other women with disabilities with your experience!