Martina: routine check

I was at the hospital with my assistant for a checkup. The doctor only talked with my assistant about me and my illnesses, as if I were a child or not there at all. I became very angry and was about to start crying and wanted to leave. I was turning around with my electric wheelchair when I realised that I could not open the door on my own. Then I remembered our self-defence class, and I turned back to them, made myself big, breathed deeply in and out and said to the doctor: “You talk about me and my illnesses with my assistant and act as if I weren’t there! That’s not ok. Either you talk directly with me or the conversation is over.” They both looked quite startled. The doctor then explained everything to me, and my assistant apologised. It felt really great to have gotten respect and what I wanted!

At the train station

For my work, I have to transit for an hour every day to a big city. When I am tired after a long working day, my concentration decreases and that makes it more difficult for me to find my way. Therefore I am always happy when people help me. Above all when I am late and want to catch my train. On one of those days, a man offered to guide me on my way to the station, and I accepted with thanks.