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Kasja : a bus stop downtown

Four young men approach me, they smell of alcohol. One starts to rub against my back and blows at my neck. I’m one metre forty, he’s much taller. The rest laugh. No one at the bus stop reacts.

I move away, turn around and get my footing, legs astride, as if my feet sprung root. I look at him straight in the eye and say firmly, “Ain’t you getting too close?” The guy apologizes and leaves, apparently shocked. His friends follow.

Project website launched

One of the major goals of NO MEANS NO is to raise awareness about violence against women with disabilities. The project website is an important means to achieve this goal. It strives to inform women with disabilities, disability organisations, family and professional caregivers, the anti-violence sector, policy makers and the general public. Throughout the project, we will update the website with additional language sections, publications, an agenda and more diverse and accessible means of communication. Check it out!

Kickoff meeting in Giessen

After five years of preparation, the 7 project partners finally met for the first time in person at a kickoff meeting in Giessen, home of our German partner Unvergesslich Weiblich. The two-day meeting (30 and 31 January) was the opportunity to get to know each other, build a shared understanding of the administrative and practical details of the project and find markers for the international teamwork that will be involved. Tasks were distributed, deadlines fixed, directions determined. The two foremost topics concerned the first implementations of the project. Continue reading “Kickoff meeting in Giessen”